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White Gold Edged Lace Mantilla

Draping Ivory Lace Mantilla

Gray or Navy Blue Mantilla

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This small D-shaped veil is perfect for teenagers. It is made from white floral lace and white and gold lace trim and measures 

33 1/2” x 14 1/2”.



This veil is made from black and gold lace with a black lace trim. It measures 34 1/2” x from side to side and 15” front to back. The lace trim is scalloped with roses, and is

1 1/4” at the widest point.

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Black and Gold Lace Mantilla



This soft draping mantilla in made from ivory polka dot lace and an ivory lace trim. It is a bigger 

D- shaped veil, and measures 49 1/2” from side to side and 20 1/2” from front to back.

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This beautiful ivory veil is made from soft polka dot lace with a scalloped floral trim. It is a smaller D shaped veil, measuring 

33 1/2” side to side and 15” front to back.

Smaller Ivory Lace Mantilla


This lovely veil comes in two colours – Charcoal gray lace, that has a blueish tint, or navy blue. It is a soft draping triangular mantilla. The gray veil measures 34” x 16 1/2” and the navy blue veil 34 1/2” x by 18 1/2”.

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