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E have now

 added web design to our range of editorial and production services for newspapers, magazines and other Catholic print media products.

     We can provide fully functional websites with a content management system, allowing you to manage your own site when it is on the internet.

      For print media, we are able to  offer sub-editing, design and page layout services, creating press-ready pages for Catholic newspapers or parish publications on Quark Xpress 2017.

      If you are an editor struggling with your deadlines, if you have a special publications idea in mind, or if you want to get online, please write to us in the first instance using the contact form at the back of the site. You can find it using the Contact us tab at the top of the page. Rates

start at £120 per day for newspaper page production, or £195 for a blog website, and can be tailored to your individual commission, depending on the work involved.

     Expenses will also be charged if any, like travel, are incurred. Completed

work will normally be returned via Dropbox or

on a USB in the post. Payment can be made via bank transfer, PayPal or Bitcoins,  but cheques must be cleared in advance.

      For full details, please go to our dedicated website at

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